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  1. megastink

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    Apr 23, 2011
    Hey All!

    This is my first post! I joined this forum because I have the following problem and need some help:

    I recently bought a Savage 10FP .308 because it was time to retire my Remington 788 .308.

    To match the rifle, I shelled out what I thought was a lot of money, and bought a Weaver Grand Slam Tactical 4.5-14x40mm scope w. a Mil-Dot (I plan on hunting and shooting out to 500 yards with this rig eventually).

    I found that my Savage REALLY like Hornaday Custom SST 150 Grain loads (yea, I know: FACTORY LOADS!!!) I don't have reloading equiptment YET, but I will one day.
    My issue is that in order for me to find paper, I had to add about 30 MOA of elevation before I was hitting bullseyes. I plan on one day creating a Dope Chart for my rifle, but my concern is that I only have 20 MOA left on my scope.

    I am wondering why it took so much elevation to hit @100? I have low Weaver rings and bases on it, should I get some heavier, higher rings?

    Please give me your advice. I could use it. Thanks!

    Shoot Strait,

  2. kidcoltoutlaw

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    Dec 18, 2001
    Put a .5 degree base on it. A 20 MOA base is easy to find you might have some trouble finding the one half degree base. Your using mil dot so zero off of the top mil dot not the cross hair and you will have enough MOA to reach anything the 308 can reach,