Weaver Grand Slam

Nate Haler

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Dec 27, 2001
occupied, USA
for that budget, you should toss Nikon, Bushnell (B&L) and Sightron into the mix.

Depending on what kind of shooting, what sort of scope you're contemplating, we might be able to steer you more.
Shooter#31, I have owned two of them and won't own three. The optics are clear and bright. The adjustments are as smoothe as silk. The ergonomics are some the best I've ever seen or used. It also tracked 100%. So why wouldn't I want a third one. Simple I discovered they have some major parallax issues. If you keep your shots 300 and under it may not be an issue, but around that 300 yard mark all kinds of problems occur. So no matter how cool all the other features are if your scope doesn't hit where you are aiming what good is it? Exactly, and that's why I sold mine. Now for the money you are suggeting buy a used Leupold VariXIII and never look back.
if one buys a scope with adjustable objective, then the parallax problem you describe is a non-issue.

ANY scope with fixed parallax will have that problem, INCLUDING Leupold. The VX3 line does not automatically mean you get adjustable objectve.
Nate, yes I'm very much aware of that. However I have less of a problem with my Leupolds after comparing them sidexside. The other problem is the selection for AO's in the Weaver Grand Slam line is very limited.
I believe that the Weaver Grand Slam is one of the best buys, next to the Nikon Monarch. The Weaver GS's are very clear and bright and I would put them optically right up with the Nikon Monarch, Bushnell Elite 4200 and the Leupold Vari-X III's. Would not hesitate to recommend one to someone.
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