Weatherby Wilderness .240 Weatherby


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Oct 28, 2007
Hello, I've been doing some scouting for a new rifle and wanted to hear people's opinions on the above rifle. I'm looking for a rifle that will be primarily for predators but also could serve as a somewhat light weight deer rifle. Part of the reason I'm looking at this rifle is I bought a Weatherby Accuguard in .257 Weatherby last year and love it. For centerfire rifles I also have a Thompson Center Venture in .270 and a Savage 12FV in 6.5 Creedmoor. I recognize I just want a new rifle and have no pretensions of having a gap I need to fill. As much as I love the Accuguard I think having something similar but lighter would be nice. Though picking up a Wilderness or Accuguard in .257 would make sense I want to "try" a new cartridge in 6mm or .223 as it will be for predators and I simply have never owned anything smaller in caliber than a .257 (excluding rimfires). I've always been biased towards Weatherby simply because I have just always been attracted to them. As much I have liked the Venture and so far have really liked the Savage I'm also considering going to all Vanguards for training reasons. After shooting two Savages quite a bit I fumbled trying to find the safety on the Vanguard after a nice buck appeared. Though I like both the Vanguard trigger and the accutrigger I find it challenging to alternate between the two.

I've also considered buying a stainless .243 Winchester Vanguard and putting it in a Bell and Carlson or possibly even a McMillan stock. The Vanguard Backcountry doesn't make economic sense to me as it appears I could buy the Wilderness and have it cerakoted in a color of my choice for less money. I've also looked at both the Nosler Patriot and especially the Christensen Arms Mesa. I don't mind spending that much money but it's been hard to justify it. I don't currently reload. I bought the .257 Weatherby as an execuse to reload but it shoots the factory 100 grain Spitzers so well it's been hard to justify. I also picked up a few boxes of Nosler loaded partitions on clearance that don't group quite as well but worked very well on the one bear I took with them. Full disclosure I'm a long range hunting "wannabee". I like to shoot longer ranges in the offseason (nothing compared to you guys). But here in NH I tend to take game at well less than 100 yards. I just like higher velocity cartridges. Feel free to derail thread, make odd ball suggestions or whatever. I just like to talk rifles.


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Aug 6, 2013
r, Buds Guns has the Wilderness for a great price. Nice rifle, they shoot quite well. Not reloading can really get expensive when shooting Weatherby calibers. Good luck


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Jun 13, 2017
I think that’s a great choice for a new gun. I have a 240 and really like it!
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