Weatherby Vanguard Sub-MOA 300wsm AMMO

Rifles are like women. They all are similar in general form but each has different taste and preferences. The only way to find out what your rifle likes best is experimentation.
You are right about that, I am wainting on this rifle to arrive to take it out on its first date to the range. There are some 29 commercial loadings for the 300 WSW. If ammo was alittle cheaper I might buy several of the boxes that I am interested in and give them a try. I am going to break in the rifle with some 180 gn Fussons and then go with the ammo what Weatherby says on the test target to get a bench mark of the accuracy. I know somebody has already gone down this path with there rifle, I was hoping to not have to reinvent the wheel. The last time I broke in a new rifle I ended up with a bunch of partial boxes of 270 ammo.
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