Weatherby Vanguard HighCountry 6.5 PRC

VLD Pilot

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Dec 24, 2017
Northern, Mi
A guy using ADG brass and a 26" barrel will gain a slight velocity edge over 6.5x284 or the 6.5-06. Now an improved 06 will run the same or better as it's basically a 6.5saum. I can run 142smk w/ H1000 comfortably from my 24" prc. From my 26" muller works I can run 156s @ 3050-3080 w/ N570 or RL26. I have a 6.5x284 running rl26 in lapua and peterson brass and 2980 was best I could do, it's very accurate but just below pressure.
That's about right. I'm running a 30" Barrel on my 6.5-284 so it can get to the mid to upper 3000s with the 156s. I don't run that bullet for my LR hunting but it's a decent load if I need it. My best load with them are at 3050. Not the fastest but I think only 30-50 fps under top end. The 30" barrel offers some free velocity.


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Dec 31, 2013
I'm trying to understand the enthusiasm for the 6.5 PRC ? I have a 6.5x06 built on a Ruger long action. 24" stainless, 1/8 twist Bbl. .Nosler 140gr AB bullets at 3075fps , using Rel 26. All the 30-06 , & or 25-06 brass I want to form from at very reasonable prices. What would the PRC offer me I'm not already gatting?
Off the shelf ammo that shoots good. My Howa 1500 in a 6.5 PRC shoots really well for a $500 rifle with off the shelf ammo. I know of a few people that have custom or higher end factory 6.5 PRC rifles that shoot the factory Hornady ammo very good aswell. If you are hand loading you will gain little to nothing if I remember correctly mine is shooting the factory Hornady 143 ELDX ammo around 2930 ish fps from a 24" tube with a stinger worx suppressor. I'm sure I could work up a handload that shoots faster and or slightly better but to me the potential gain isn't worth the hassle of reloading. But what works for me & what I'm looking for in a rifle may or may not work for other people