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    Hunter Joe from Virginia has a problem

    I have a Weatherby Mark V 30-06 with a Leupold Scope 3-9 I think. Black synthetic stock. Blue barrel. I have some 30-06 Match King loaded already so I will shoot them. I think they are 168 grain but I am not sure. Its been a while..

    It shoots about a 2 inch group at 100 off of sandbags which I think is terrible. Also the trigger is very hard to pull. I plan to reduce the trigger to minimum using the set screw on the bottom and see how that goes. Thats 3 pounds I recall. Also I find it very hard to look thru the scope and see anything in the woods. This may not be fixable without changing the scope..

    I would like to reduce the trigger pull to about 1 pound or a little less. So far I let my gunsmith look at it and he removed some of the stock that was touching the barrel and also I pointed out that the mounts did not fit the barrel very well. He replaced them. He is very good but retired now I expect. That took it down to 2 inches..

    Turned out the shop that sold it to me put the wrong mounts on. He could not even identify what type they were. Thats the last time I go to that shop. They even pushed the scope too far back and the rings dented the tube just a little. All that money I spent there and they dented the scope and put on the wrong mounts.

    .I was planing to sell it and left it on consignment in another shop for a year and when I got it back the trigger was tight. I am not sure what transpired in that year. So now I am trying to get it shootng again..

    I would like advice on installing a lighter spring in the trigger assembly to reduce the pull to less than 1 pound with the adjustment screw. I plan to do it myself if I can. I don't need to be told a light trigger is dangerous or I should always take it to a gunsmith for work. Thanks..

    Also I need adivce on more methods to improve accuracy a bit. I am not to the point yet where I can increase the length of the bullet to just miss the lands but I want to do that too. .
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    This is the gunsmithing forum...the humor section is a little farther down.
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    The excellent factory trigger will adjust right down close to a pound with a lighter spring it will go down to single digit ounces. To get the trigger that light you will need to adjust the sear engagement. Scope mounts on a Mark 5 are commonly messed up. The reason is the bolt pattern is the same as Remington 700. The thing is that the rear receiver is lower than the Remington receiver so you run out of elevation and if you don't lap the rings it will bend and dent your scope terribly. With the scope this bound up they will never group right. Depending where the dent is that scope is ruined. Leupold will fix it but you will have to pay for the broken parts. To avoid this the Mark 5 needs specific Weatherby Mark 5 bases. Double check them with a straight edge. I have had them packaged wrong. Weatherby Mark 5 rifles are capable of fine accuracy but with so many ignorant people wrenching on them it's amazing they are still in business. Weatherby's respond well to a good bedding job and a fully free floated barrel. The recoil lug must be fully supported or when you tighten the front action crew it will put the action in a real bind and cause vertical stringing.

    Just because this is a Mark 5 doesn't mean you get the Weatherby caliber magnum freebore. Your 30-06 chamber and throat is cut to sammi specs and is no longer than anyone elses 30-06 chamber and throat. If you did have a magnum chasing the lands is almost impossible unless you shoot super long bullets and single load them. I have found no gain in it and seat to the magbox on all my Weatherbys.The smooth portion of the barrel supports and guides the bullets into the lands nicely anyway so not much to gain there other than excess pressure.

    What are you asking for this beast?