Weatherby MKV .340


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Apr 1, 2015
North Idaho
IMG_2391.JPG Selling my proven elk hammer. Stainless weatherby MKV in .340 wby. Factory rifle with muzzle brake, 20 MOA rail, front pic rail for atlas bipod.
All load data, dies around 400 brass. Lots of loaded ammo, some factory some 250 SMKs, if you're interested I'll get an accurate count of goodies to go with it.
Current load sends 250 SMK s at 3000 fps with nearly 5000lbs of kinetic energy at the muzzle. Kills elk very dead very fast
Sub MOA shooter. Right around 200 rounds.
Rifle only $1000
Scope, brand new just mounted Zeiss V4 6-24x50 in new Seekins rings for another $800. Turnkey package with years of components.
PM text call 208-916-5947
Located in north Idaho
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