Weatherby Accumark Stock (Is it any good)

Jun 2, 2009
Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
Hello all,

I have a 300 Weatherby Magnum, with a 28" barrel from Ron Smith. This gun is currently sporting a Weatherby Accumark stock. What are the thoughts on this stock? Is it worth keeping? I am building a .338-878Weatherby mag, and have access to another accumark stock, but am not sure if I should buy it or buy something else. I like the idea of having an aluminum bedding block, but am not sure if this stock is up to doing precision shooting for long range hunting. I have plans of shooting the .300 WBY Mag out to 1000YDS, and want to know if anyone has had accuracy issues that were generated from an Accumark stock?gun)
Remember that the Accumark stock is designed so that the barrel is free-floating, as opposed to the non-Accumark Mark V's that have the two small pressure points near the front of the forearm. Just a comment.

Having said that, I have a friend that uses his Accumark in .338-378 for long range shooting. Last year he shot a mulie at 750+ yards - in the neck, right where he was aiming. He won the bet with his guide. :D
His optic is a Leupold VX-III with a custom dial matched to his load.
I'm wondering if it wouldn't atleast be worth trying the Accumark stock and maybe save some money and if it doesn't work to your satisfaction then you could always get another stock.
I had no idea there were pressure points on the wooden Mk V Stocks. I swapped to an accumark stock on my 300 mag which had a 24" barrel at the time and it instantly shot better 1 1/4" down to 3/4" groups with handloaded barns TTSX. Going from a barrel that apperently had pressure points from the wooden stock to Free floating with the Accumark was an improvment on the stock rifle. It now has a 28" Barrel with gain twist at 1 in 9.8 or so at the muzzle (the only modification on the rifle) and shoots about 5/8" at 100yds. I will try the Accumark stock on the .338-378 when I get it finished. I have since carved the wooden stock down so you can see under the barrel, and re-bedded it, but am thinking putting in an aluminum bedding block to retain accuracy, and classic wooden look. Any thoughts on this Idea?gun)
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The Accumark itself has a larger diameter barrel than the same caliber in a "normal" Mark V. The result is a stiffer barrel and so the pressure points are not needed for support. So, the Accumark stock does not have them. FYI my Fibermark stocks, regular synthetic stocks and also a replacement Bell & Carlson stock all have the two pressure points molded in.

Trying to get an aluminum bedding block into a wooden stock sure sounds like a lot of work, but it's your time.

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