We have a bontebok down.


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May 8, 2016
Old boy had been on a part of the farm it shouldn't be for a number of years but it just couldn't be coaxed back to where it should have been and it was really old anyway. The front teeth were worn down to nubs. He probably wouldn't have made it much longer so we gave him a merciful end. Busted the bean head-on from 200yrds. Completely mushed the skull though we were more interested in the hide and the meat anyway. 178gr ELD made short work of the job from an Ase Utra suppressed Accuracy International with an IOR Recon optic and rested on an Accu-Tac bipod. The dark thing on the face is my sunglasses. They seemed to bring just the right level of inappropriateness to the occasion. The meat is really nice. Distinct flavor but not an overpowering flavor.


Brought back my springbok jacket and jackal hide. I'll get pics of those later on since I can tell you're quite piqued with anticipation.