Waterfowl focused pack?

Anyone have a suggestion for a good waterfowl, mostly ducks, focused pack? I end up hunting a lot of hike in places that are normally a mile or more in, and carry all the normal duck hunting crap. Waders, decoys, a spinner, shells, etc.

I've been using my Kuiu and using the load shelf between the frame and pack to stick my decoy bag in, and it works but it's not ideal.

I know there are lots of packs made by banded and those guys, but nothing is really geared to walking more than a few hundred yards or carrying a dozen or so decoys.
I use the Avery XL floating bag for exactly what you are asking. Game changer for decoy bags carrying for distance. Padded back and actual padded, wide shoulder straps and a belt. Stable enough I can carry the bag and drag a boat pretty comfortably.