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May 28, 2001
McKinney, TX, USA
Can you tell us more about the rifle that fired the 17.750 group at 2000 yards?

Barrel maker/length/twist/caliber/load

What scope rings/base did you use?

Thanks, Lee
Hi Lee,

when i got the M40 ( 220grs ) Bullets, there was a small report about that shooting included.
As far as i remember the Cartridge was a .300 Weatherby ( ?? ) and the Scope a 4-16x Schmidt&Bender....


Lee Owens,

On our website we have a press release concerning a 17" three-shot group at 2000 yds. shot by Glen Pearce of Sierra Vista, AZ. It was shot in Jan, 2000. It was shot with our J36 .308-232 gr. bullets in a 30-416 wildcat with a 1:8.5 twist. The load was 98 gr. of REL25. I do not know what scope Glen had on it at the time. To the best of our knowledge that is still a worlds record for a hunting bullet. What is extraordinary about that group is it was shot from scratch, without sighters, three shots for record. There was one witness downrange, being there for the purpose of determining if the bullet was supersonic at that point. It was.

The .408 Cheytac has exceeded that group several times in the last four months, during testing, including a 15" three shot group in June of this year. The .408 has shot groups at 2500 yds. of 37". Optical adjustments were the limiting factor out there as with the scopes we were using we were at the edge of the lens and were getting vignetting. We have put rounds on paper at 3000 yds. and they were stable at that point. No groups yet. Two of three on paper, 4' x 4', is the best so far. We are expecting a new developmental scope in several weeks that should help.

These groups are not shot under match conditions and the shooter does get to pick his conditions. All of these groups were shot under 10 minutes first shot to last shot.

Yes, it is. If you are familiar with U.S.Optics then you will understand when I say, " I will describe it after we get it."

We do have high hopes for this scope. The only reasonable way to get 200 mil and greater vertical adjustments and not get into the edge of the lens is with external adjustment scopes. Dr. Williams does make scopes without parallel.
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