Warning Barnes 340 Wby Data

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    Just a note to anyone loading for the 340 wby and looking at the Barnes data for it. The load for the 225 grain bullet using 98 grains of magpro powder is in my opinion excessive for the 340 wby. I have loaded for this cartridge for 35 years and this is about five grains over any max I have used. This is not blasting Barnes because I love their bullets and shoot them regularly. I just don't want to see anybody get hurt.

    I have notified Barnes to look into this data. I was talking to Devin at Sinarms and he mentioned this load he had seen. I never look at loading manuals since my data over many years is far more volumous than the loading manuals. But I went back and checked on this one because I thought it was excessive.

    From my experience I would start at about 88 grains of magpro and work up with the 225 grain bullet in a 340 wby.

    I just went back and looked at my 338 RUM data for comparison. I have 98 grains Magpro with the 225 grain bullet as max and a very good accurate load. That would make 98 grains over max in the 340 wby which is a smaller case.

    I am showing a load of 95 grains of magpro for a 340 wby that I marked as hot and went back down to 93 grains of magpro with the 225 Barnes as an accurate max load with small velocity spread.
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    What kind of velocity are you getting with the 225 TTSX in the 340?