SOLD/EXPIRED Wanted to buy Brass

The other day I could have gotten 50 bags of 7mm wsm new . How many bags do you want ?
I can get 22-250 brass 100 ct for $40.00 a bag +shipping
and 1 bag of winchester 7 wsm brass 50 ct for $29.95 a bag + shipping
Remington 7 wsm 50 ct I can get 73 bags as of right now for $24.21per bag + shipping.

This price may seem a little high but I will have to take off from work and drive 60 miles to get it.

The price is fine but I'm not going to have you go to all the trouble. Midway will have it back instock sometime soon probaly. Thanks for the offer though.
I have a little more than 200 (closer to 225 IIRC) 250 savage brass that has been necked down to 22 cal and once fired. I will take $40 shipped for it if you want it. PM me.

SPF 100 pcs of 7 wsm brass unfired. Some of it is already prepped. My brass is lasting longer with annealing the necks so this new brass is just taking up space on the bench.

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Re: Wanted to buy 22-250 Brass

PM & email sent re: 22-250 brass.