SOLD/EXPIRED Wanted - New or like new Rem LSS LH

I have a Rem 700 LSS 338 RUM. Left hand. Action has been squared, muzzle brake, great trigger. Excellent condition. $895.00 plus S&I.
Got a McWhorter Custom 300Ultra Left Hand for sale. Krieger 6.5 Fluted with Brake, McMillan Edge Varmint Stock.
Come on you guys. Get this guy a rifle. You're killing me.

I've got a LH 338RUM LSS in my safe. I don't want to sell it, but I know If I did I could build a Savage in 338 Edge.

Please sell him a rifle before I weaken any more.
Or hows about a Rem 700 BDL 338 RUM, Left hand. NIB, priced at $569.00 plus NY sales tax & shipping.
Also have a NIB Wby Accumark 340 Wby Mag. Left Hand. Priced at $1399.00 plus tax & shipping.
Then, there is also a Rem Custom Shop Mtn Rifle M700 SS w/ Kevlar stock 338 RUM. Priced at $1299.00 plus tax & shipping.
Are we gettin' warm???
Thanks for all the replies. You guys are great.

Geargrinder - you actually have what I'm looking for. You probably don't need it anyway and could use some extra room in the gun safe. How weak are you getting?

Charlie - NY
For a couple of bucks I could probably smack him for you. I used to like the guy... :)
For a couple of bucks I could probably smack him for you. I used to like the guy... :)

Eaglet, you could try, but you might only pull back a bloody stump.:D

VH, I really wish I could sell it to you, but I can't. I bought it as a present to myself when I met an important milestone in my life.

That and the knucklehead, Eaglet, got it shooting real well.

In fact, when my dad was sighting it in for his moose hunt a couple months ago, 3 shots cut a single hole. Such a small group that I thought he may have missed 2 shots of the 3.:D

BTW... I got it from Phil a few years ago. He was great to deal with. Thanks again Phil.