WANTED....Calf Elk/Moose/Coyote Decoy... for Wolves

daniel brothers

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Feb 6, 2010
Santee , south carolina usa
WANTED....Calf Elk/Moose/Coyote Decoy... for Wolves

Is there a Taxidermist or someone out there that can make me a life-like movable..flexible elk/moose calf decoy... and a coyote as well? It doesn't matter if it looks like a calf moose or elk... or even something that might pass for a deer... as long at it looks like some type of big game animal that is being harassed or pulled down by a coyote... which looks life like as well. Each animal can be hollow for light weight packing, as long as the head/neck area and the legs can be floppy and movable. Think of it like puppets. It needs to be somewhat 3 dimensional... NOT flat like cardboard or a picture. The legs can dangle or be floppy, as long as the body...neck and head area has some kind of full looking form to it. I think a taxidermist would be able to whip up something close for me... and I'll pay as well... I just need the correct contact.
My plan is to make the coyote look and act like it's trying to pull down the calf so that I can blast charging wolves with a shotgun at point blank range.... without being eaten...LOL. Closer the better....WOW.

I know this sounds crazy to many... but Necessity is the Mother of Invention.

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