Want to trade rifles may sell


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May 15, 2020
Vale nc
I would like to trade for a nightforce or leupold vx 5hd or vx6 hd,swarovski,meopta,or a ziess scope or other German made scopes.Or trade for a nice rifle. what I have for trade.
I have a savage model 11 vt bull barrel in 308 win it is 24 inch barrel 1/10 twist with weaver scope rail it is factory has less than 60 rounds through it.
Also have a remington 700 adl 30-06 24 inch barrel has less than 75 rounds through it I have around 70 one time fired brass and 50 new brass and a set of rcbs dies for it.it has black hs precision adl stock with limbsaver recoil pad on it it has been bedded as well.i have a ptg aluminum trigger guard,bolt shroud in dark blue on the rifle and have the matching bolt handle just havnt put it on. I do not have scopes to go with the rifles. Will post pictures soon as I figure out how. Both rifles I bought new last year.if interested just let me know thanks also I'm located in NC would like to do face to face deal if possible.here are caliber rifles I'm interested in.300 wsm 270 win,270 wsm, 260rem,260 ai,6.5x47,6.5-284,6.5x55 swiss,7mm-08,7mm-08 ai,7mm rem mag,280 ai,284 win,7x57 mauser,30-06 ai,30-06,will consider other calibers except 6.5 needmoore.
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Up date. The remington 700 does not come with scope or rings or shell holder.it is 14 inch LOP.the savage is 13 ³/⁴ LOP and shell holder doesn't come with it either


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Would like to trade for winchester model 70,bergara ridge or hmr,Christiansen arms mesa,tikka,high end savage,browning and couple other makes just let me know what you may have thanks