SOLD/EXPIRED Want to Trade for or Buy or Make a Bushing for Case Trimmer


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Mar 10, 2021
Back in June, I ordered a lyman case trim xpress bushing #24 338 lapua 7821724 from Lyman on back order.

No one has one that I can find for sale. Lyman told me they would make them again in August. I just spoke to Lyman and cancelled my order because
now they are saying November, because they cannot get materials. I just don't understand.....this bushing is nothing but aluminum. It could be made
of just about anything really, It just provides a template spacer that fits the caliber of cartridge against the trimmer to get the right length.

If anyone has a #24 they will sell me, or trade me please let me know. Or if anyone has a lathe or machine shop, it looks like it could be made pretty easily?