Want to start buying camping gear made in america. Any suggestions?

Two recommendations, one down and one synthetic.
Down- Feathered friends. Guarantee you won’t need a 4lb bag from them unless you’re going to Antarctica.
Synthetic- wiggys. Hands down the warmest bag I’ve ever used, but will probably weigh 4 pounds. They even have double bags we use when it’s scary cold. I used one of those at -35 and stayed very comfortable, it was my first winter hunt and I couldn’t believe how well it worked.
Both great USA companies.
Thank you! I checked out their websites. I could not for the life of me find any brands 100% made in the USA. I chose the Wiggys. Now I found my new sleeping bag. Thank you!
Let us know what you think of the Wiggy's bag - I am interested in a synthetic bag and would like to hear more about them.
Purchased a 10degree enlightened equipment quilt for a archery elk trip last fall. Weighed right around 2#, made in Wisconsin... it is amazing!!
Make sure you try it out for size first. I went on a bear hunt in Alberta and purchased a lightweight bag that would be light and easy to travel with. It wasn't made in America but a Korean made bag or something. I made sure it was an extra long bag so there would not be a problem with with the fit so I never tried it.
First night at camp I climbed into it the length was fine but I could only zip it up to my shoulders but not over it, it wasn't big enough around. I think it was made for a Korean Bean Pole. Spent the week in a bag that kept me warm from the waist down and wore sweatshirts and jackets on my upper half. It was actually pretty funny. Now my 4 year old grandson has a new bag.