SOLD/EXPIRED Want to sell or trade


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Aug 20, 2002
Southern Illinois
I have a 300 Baer, smithed by Bruce Baer I would like to sell or trade. The rifle is built on a Hall G action, McMillan MBR stock, Blackstar Acumax II barrel (1.5 to 1.1 x 32" long), Jewel trigger, Vais brake. It has been test fired and the barrel has been pre-treated with moly. I have dies and other reloading equipment available for sale or trade as well if anyone is interested.

The rifle weighs 22 lbs w/out a scope. I want to get something a little more portable, but I do want to remian in the realm of insane cartiridges, such as a Lazzaroni 30 or 33 cal.

If anyone is interested call me (Ralph Jones) at 618-351-9205 or 618-521-8596, or e-mail is [email protected] .

I haven't worked out any firm prices on anything yet, so make an offer for cash or trade on the rifle, and ask about reloading gear that is available.

I want to shoot something I can buy the ammo for.