Want to get into reloading -- kit recommendations?


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Feb 9, 2019
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Something I didn't mention when harping on buying the best calipers you can find. I've bought a Sheridan slotted gauge in every caliber I load for (that they're offered in at least):

I don't necessarily use it for the measurements that it'll do because I have other tools, but when you're starting out it's a great tool for visualization of what you're doing since you can see everything through the slot. Stand the gauge up vertically and use a straight edge and you get to see the cartridge settle on the different headspace measurements inside the chamber.

Case gauges can do different things, so you have to check each different brand to make sure it does what you want. An example is LE Wilson gauges are sized large in the body so they can be used to measure case trim length and headspacing on fired brass. Hornady is reamed to the SAAMI body size to check that a round will chamber in factory spec rifles. Very similar looking tools that do two very different things.

Here's some decent measuring stuff to start with. Higher prices really does tend to mean better quality on measuring tools, but compare part numbers across multiple vendors. You can buy top quality measuring tools from machinist supply stores. This list is the first stuff I pulled up on Midway and are middle-tier. Perfect for someone starting out that wants to get good measurements but not go insane chasing down the final 0.0005".


Bullet Comparator:

Headspace Gauge:

Cause Gauges:

Examples of higher quality would would be Starrett also makes a higher quality digital caliper that's $315 on Midway, $308 at Grainger, and MSRP is usually more like $285 elsewhere. AccuracyOne makes a universal digital comparator that costs $115. So basically double what's on the list above.

Edit: Links show the wrong calibers, but 300 Win Mag is in the drop down menus.

Good advice and an obvious desire to help someone.


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Sep 15, 2015
I, have a RCBS single stage. Bought it used. Been useing it for about 40 years. I, load .223, .357. 44mag. Look around there are a lot of good used ones out there. Go to gun shows, look on line, ask around. You may be suprised as to what you may find.