SOLD/EXPIRED Want to Buy new .270/.308 and .223 assualt rifle


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Nov 8, 2009
San Diego
This is my first post, so if WTB threads are not allowed please let me know and i will remove it.

Here is the run down:

I am shooting a remington 700 .270 with just a cheapo scope on it. It is not a bad weapon and has served me well...but i would really like to move on to better things.

I am IGNORANT about brands. Honestly, i have never looked into building a long-range weapon for personal use. However, i have been a part of competition shooting for various USMC teams during my short career and LOVE IT. So, i want a better personal weapon to hunt, shoot with. I am accustomed to .270 rifles. However, i am open to other calibers. I am hoping to shoot at distances up to 1000 yards, which doesnt seem to be such a long distance for a scoped weapon...I will use this rifle mainly to hunt white tail and hogs in the long, flat pastures of east texas.

As far as .223 assualt weapons go...i am open to almost anything. Just post pictures, specs. and prices. Same price range applies.

If i need to be more specific please just let me know. Again, i am brand new to the forum and am not familiar with how it works. I lived in southern california and can pay in person with cash if seller lives near by.
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