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    Mar 12, 2010
    Great warranty! Decent glass. Features not to bad. Price fair. This weekend we had a 600 and 880yd shoot. We had a Vortex rep there shooting a custom 308 and a Barret 338 Lapua. He won 1st in the 600 with his Lapua 338 with the Vortex 5x20 Razor priced @ $2000 but did not place in the 880. Nice shooting I must say and a good guy. When he was pitching his Vortex he kept putting down Leupold scopes. I have to say that I putting down someone elses product to make yours look better isnt always the best way! I have 2 VX-3 Leupold scopes one 3.5-10X50 and 8.8-25X50 with target dot. I think they perform very well for the price I paid $550 and $850. After the shoot he let me and a few guys set up couple of scopes side by side. We had a Sightron 8-32X50 a Vortex 5-20X50 a Leupold 8.5-25X50 and a Nightforce 5-20X50. To be fair we set all the scopes on 20 power and went out to 880yds. There were 3 of us and we all pretty much agreed like this, Nightforce then followed by a very close second Leupold then Sightron and then Vortex. We all agreed that the Vortex was a very nice scope and the guy that owned the Sightron even said that his glass was only a little better than the vortex but very close. I think my next scope may be a Nightforce 12-42X56 they seem like a very good scope for a good price. Let me know what you guys know about the scopes you have looked through and what works for you guys. Thanks.