Vortex Viper PST vs. Zeiss Conquest


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Dec 18, 2008
New Bern, NC
I am in the process of building a 7WSM that will be my first rifle that I would like to start doing some LRH with (ok, starting out 500-600 yards....gotta take baby steps before going to the 1k mark lol). I was originally dead set on getting the 4.5-14x50 Conquest with either the Z800 or Z1000 reticle. Now I'm seeing the Viper PST with the 4-16x50 with a FFP reticle and now starting to second guess the conquest. I love my 2 conquests that i have already and so I want to know if the quality of glass of the vortex will live up to it. They are roughly the same price, so I want to know if I will be happy with the PST glass quality or should I stick with a proven winner in the Zeiss? I have a little bit of time before I have to send the scope to the smith so I trying to do some research first. I know the PST isn't out yet except some people might have played with them at the SHOT show. Does anyone have any other Vortex stuff (besides the HD)? How durable are they? How's the glass quality? This is my first custom so I want everything to be perfect or at least as close as I can within a budget lol Thanks for the help!
vortex PST has not hit the market yet, since noone has used one how are we to compare them???
I have a couple of PST's on order. What the PST will give you over the Zeiss is the ability to dial your dope with repeatable turrets. If you get the sfp model the PST is actually cheaper than the Zeiss.
The PST by all indications will have great glass.
You can read up on the VORTEX brand over at SNIPERS HIDE. The PST will also have a MOA or MIL reticle.
Vortex is fully capable of making a great scope as evidents by their RAZOR model.
I have a little time with the PST's and I will not hesitate to say that you will not be disappointed. I realize this is a little biased on my part, but if I didnt believe this I just wouldnt post anything. Everytime I get behind one of these PST's I am more and more impressed. I cant wait for everyone else to get to use them.

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