Vortex Razor UHD 18x56

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Really like these but need to pay off a build and won’t be able to really use them to full potential this year.

1290 shipped usps

Lost original tripod thread cap/cover have oem replacement cap and badge from vortex that will be included but haven’t put the badge on the cap yet
E8A35F6C-7277-4DF6-A126-70F0CF600A6D.jpeg 7E5465EE-6F16-4268-9CE2-79B9DF630253.jpeg 0189D750-3F93-4954-A412-5A13AE380C97.jpeg A9A5CFF2-3F8F-4EA1-86F8-21F29F62E717.jpeg 01043D15-C0D4-4071-BADF-44A9C30F7EAF.jpeg 858ECBB6-9D5C-4D0C-B784-D62D62F14254.jpeg D690BD05-E6D5-4257-AE27-70D27A371D61.jpeg BC89876F-B2B8-4A19-990A-ADD2A2722E74.jpeg

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