Vortex Razor AMG or Nightforce NXS


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Feb 20, 2013
These days, the AMG will likely have better glass . On the other hand, it will never compete with the NF as far as tracking and reliability.

This is a blanket statement by someone who has not owned or used both of the optics the OP is asking about. I've had both, at the same time, and still have the AMG. In fact just bought another one. They have the same turret system as the Razor Gen II (have that too) and they track as good as any NF I've ever had my hands on. I've had an NXS and an ATACR that both went back to NF with tracking issues, both went down the road. I still have an NXS, that I've never had an issue with, but for a hunting optic, you won't find a better optic than the AMG, IMO.

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