Vortex Gen II vs Leupold VX6


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Oct 20, 2013
West Central Montana
I've got a Daniel Defense V7 (Light flat top AR) and I need a scope for it. I'd like a 3 gun 1-6 style scope and I've got money to spend and can get deals on either of these two scopes.

I own Vortex products and I know their quality and warranty are top notch. But the Gen II weight an extra 10 oz more than the Leupold.

The Leupold would save me a buck fifty or so and is lighter and the illumination controls seem to be set up better.

And of course living in Podunk Montana none of my local retailers stock these scopes for me to look at in person.

I've read the Gen II rivals the Sworo and that says a lot. But on another review a guy said the image of the Vortex has a slight "fish eye" effect....

And Eva Shockey and Jesse Duff shoot Leupold so I'm torn!

Any feedback? Thanks!

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