Volunteering at you Local gun range!


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Oct 4, 2006
Oregon City, OR
All I can say is wow! I help my local gun club put on the hunter sight in days every year and it never ceases to amaze me the people that come in to sight there hunting rifle in.

Why would you come and sight your gun in with regular ammo and then hunt with something different?

Why would some one shoot a 1984 Olympic commemorative Weatherby MKV as a hunting rifle? It was bought brand new this week forma dealer!

Why would some one shoot a gun that was presented to there grandfather by Teddy Roosevelt, with all the papers to prove it and signed by teddy. All presented in a nice hardwood case! The Collection was over $10,000 form the people running the firing line to buy it so he would not shoot it. He declined and ran a box of ammo through it!

I just shows me why I have chosen to hunt like I do. Glassing canyons and staying put.

If you get a chance I say go volunteer at you local gun range just to see the people that you share the woods with come opening day.

That was the tip of the ice berg,

I will leave you with this, Why do I need to make sure that you brought the right ammo that goes in your gun?

After you sight you gun in with open sights and then you walk to the car and install a scope, Did you really think you could hit a target at 200 yards?

Good night and safe hunting!!

Willys 46
"Shoot more, SHOOT more often"

"When every shot counts"

Hunter site-in its. "Like a box of Chocolates,
"You never know what your going to get"

Hopefully there were some lessons learned.

At least they showed up for site-in !!
Bring your sence of humor:D:D:D All of it!!
The Father and Brother in law hunted with us a couple years(too many) They where used to rifles in Northern Mn and thought that their goose guns would not only work with slugs but didnt need sighted in:confused: They just could not figure out why we needed those rifled slug barrels and wasted all those shells practiceing? They would see a deer, shoot once and expect the deer to just fall over?????
The deer in Northern Mn must be VERY unlucky;)
Ya think thats funny try takeing some of these guys prairie dog shooting.Spent a week telling a guy he was missing high left and that he should either adjust his aim or scope, he spent the whole week cussing his gun. Finally gave up and started haveing him shoot the farther dogs with the wind from the left....His hit ratio went way uplight bulb
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