Vmax or VLD?


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Dec 18, 2008
New Bern, NC
Getting ready to build a 6mm AI and trying to decide between 87 VMax or the 95 VLD. Primary use will be used out west shooting prairie dogs, eastern groundhogs and possibly some yotes... Plus whatever other varmint gets in my sites lol. I have an AR for closer ranges so this gun will be for 400+ yards, but needs to perform at closer ranges as well
I like the V-maxes.. Don't discount the 75 grain Vmax.. I shoot it out of my 243AI 10 twist & make hits & kills out to 800 yards with it.. The 87's are good.. the vlds are accurate, but I don't know about the terminal ballistics @ extended ranges. Enjoy your choice. I'm a groundhog hunter & they are tough to kill... I shoot around alot of cattle as well so I gotta be careful... don't need any ricochets.
Like Trebark said " the one that is the most accurate." Them little PD`s will never know the difference if the bullet hits them and they won`t care if the bullet misses them.
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