Viper PST


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Dec 18, 2008
New Bern, NC
I have been reading more on the Vortex scopes and was thinking of getting the 4-16x50 PST for my 7WSM I'm having built right now. The only problem is that they all look like they will have illuminated reticles. I do not want this because just my luck "bubba" will come walking out and my batt will die :p Does anyone know if these will come with non illum. reticles? I've never had an illum reticle except for an aimpoint (on my turkey gun, gotta love those thousands of hours of batt life) and an eotech (my M4). Also, right now I am leaning towards the zeiss conquest 4.5-14x50 (w/ turrets) in either the z800 or z1000 reticles, how would the vortex glass compare to the zeiss? I have 2 other zeiss' and love them, but **** they are expensive lol
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