VIDEO - Shooting Tip - Cronographing Correctly

Len Backus

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May 2, 2001
[ame=]Shooting Tip - Cronographing Correctly - YouTube[/ame]
I have 4 chronographs: Ohler 35P, CED, Magneto Speed, and a Chrony.

Have set them up in a row and fired a round with a known velocity and will have 200 foot extreme spread among them.

Had a friend come over with his CED and we set it up back to back with my CED. There was a 165 fps difference between the two alike CEDs.

I think the Ohler 35P is the best and most reliable but a pain in the but to use. I would give the Magneto Speed a high second and the Chrony the third place. Have no error shots with the Magneto speed, easy to use, and great product service.
Nat Lambeth
There's a lot to like about the MagnetoSpeed chronos. I have one and really like it. But POI shift isn't one of it's shining attributes...
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