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Dave King

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May 3, 2001
This is a video I received from Boyd Heaton. It may work directly or you might need to download it to your local machine, feedback on success rate(s) is appreciated.

If you need to download the video to your local machine, right click on the internet link below and select the "save" option, once saved select "open".


Note. Good view of "trace" in this video, comes from about 8 o'clock on the video and impacts the deer.

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Interesting thing.

If you noticed in the short video, you can see the vapor trail of the bullet going into the animal.

We see this with a clearer definition when using the bigeyes. We pick it up about 200 yards from the muzzle and watch it go downrange and right into the animal most everytime.


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That video was shot in WV.The deer was taken at 475 yard's.....It is a clip from Point Blank from Long Range Vol#2.It will be in the Hart Rifle booth in Harrisburg.....

I can post more if you wish. Were you able to directly view the video or were you required to download it first?


(I use a kind of spoofed IP and I can't see the video directly, I am required to download it first.)

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I just clicked on the page and it automatically loaded in to windows media player. I can see the bullet flying looks like a mirage and a big one.

What bullet did you use. I see it was a 30 hart is that a 300 WBY IMP or some thing else. Was the gun on a portable bench?
Crow Mag
Crow Mag,I was not there when that video was shot.It was shot off a Ultimate tripod.The bullet was a 220gr MK.....And yes the 30Hart is an Improved 300WBY....Dave I clicked on it and it played.....
...I will send a few more tonight..

When is the "varmint" video due out?

I seem to remember you getting some footage when you hunted with us last summer - watching those woodchucks flip in the air

Have a good one,


I had to right click and save it to my machine FYI....


See you in Harrisburg... I have your's and Butch's applications, I'll be over or if your out walking around stop by....

I clicked on it and it played, and loaded very fast I might add. Didn't have to load nuthin'. That vapor trail is awsome! Can't believe they got that on the video too! Anymore video's like that?

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Everybody,go to the for sale section.Both Video's,Point Blank From Long Range Vol#1 and Vol#2 are for sale there....The clip you watched is from Vol#2

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