Venison sausage.

We had friends that wanted to see the process and half way through they left with the words,"Too much work".
At least when they ask for sausage they understand how much work it takes from start to finish as that night I stayed up until 4:00 am for the sausage finished smoking,drying,blooming and put into vacuum packed bags.
Same thing here. A couple years ago my neighbor bagged a bull elk. He normally took his elk to be processed somewhere but was hard up for cash, so he asked me if I could do it. He had 2 gals that he wanted to split the meat with too. So split 4 ways.

I said sure- but you guys need to help- pick a weekend. So we all got together on a Saturday and it was a shart show. After a few hours one gal leaves, then my neighbor who bagged the elk ‘had to go’. So tried to reschedule the day- no one could come to a consensus. In the end my wife and I did half of all cutting and 100% of the burger and sausage. And used all my pork fat.

My wife talked to one of the gals later and she said “I had no idea how much work it is and how long it takes’.

Yeah well scratch them off the list. My neighbor had the nerve to ask me if I could make him some more salami. Yeah when pigs fly.

Post #50 was for fun.... this one is serious barter many smoked links for a box of 215 Hybrids?

Williamson County
Here are a couple of places that will send you some cheaper than mine.
How about the rifle you shoot those bullets in + the bullets for 25 links.

Would this do??? let me grab a C stock and bed it first...... it likes 54 grains of Rl7 pushing the

Enjoyed reading your sausage making process.
Here are a couple of places that will send you some cheaper than mine.

Southside Market (Elgin Sausage) made the ones I sent to some units in Afghanistan back in the day, average a dozen large flat rate boxes a year. Had access to a place to harvest limit.

There are actually a couple of good ones nearby. Last year I spent close to 400 bucks to have venison sausage made and shipped almost all of it to relatives. Cost me more to ship than the actual contents.
Making sausage is a labor of love.I love it!
My next sausage will be chicken sausage.I tried some down in Louisiana a few years ago and fell in love with it.
I was warned to use the cure (prague powder) as some have gotten very sick from improperly prepaired chicken sausage.

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