SOLD/EXPIRED Vectronix PLRF10C Rangefinder


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Jun 13, 2012
Southern Michigan
Selling my Vectronix PLRF10C. I bought this unit used in 2014 and it's honestly more rangefinder than I need and I'd like to switch to a lighter unit with build-in ballistic software. The unit works perfectly and I've ranged antelope and deer beyond a mile on flat ground. The only negatives are that it's missing the rubber cover (which had ripped) and the rubber eye cup (I'll send you GPS coordinates for the location of the eye cup free of charge). Includes carry case, instruction manual, and lens cloth. Asking $2000 OBO or partial trade for Sig Kilo 2400ABS or Leica
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I may need to clarify my laughing response. It was just due to the GPS coordinates to the eye cup part. 🤣

I'm guessing a man would need to lace his boots up tight to get there.

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I was about to message you about the laughing response. Lol.
I realized that it could be perceived as rude, and I sure didn't mean it that way. I was just picturing the alder choked hell hole at 18k feet where it might be laying, or some such out of the way location.