SOLD/EXPIRED Vaule: Rem 722/ Unertl Hawk

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    have a remington 722 in 300sav with redfield one piece base and looks to be redfield rings... attached is a unertl hawk 4x with dot/crosshair. the scope is in very good condition has couple dings/scratches in the front bell.. (nothing to cry about) has marble sights. bluing is in great condition on both barrel/action. nice trigger too. the stock is in great condition, owner had reciever sight on the rifle. small notch was cut out below reciever sight holes. has an old pachmayer recoil pad. has jaeger sling swivels. over all this rifle/scope is a great little setup. if anyone could tell me a little bit more about the value of the gun / scope i would appreciate it. also i can e-mail pictures to any one interested in it. its just a great piece.
    also no rust.

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    Dec 28, 2008
    send pics.. I will offer u $300 for it, for my grandson to deer hunt with..
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    Jan 20, 2004
    Being an old geezer who grew up with REM 751s and 722s and owning 1 of each action at the moment. Experience with the 722 says that its a great hunting rifle, (my 222 had 26" barrel). The 300 Savage is quite unique and a great cartridge.

    Value wise the rifle is worth as much as or maybe more than a modern 700.
    Regarding the scope, I have no idea of value other than to suggest that it is a good one. Grew up with Unertls also, though the target models.

    My 721 is now a 270 Allen Magnum.
    My 722 is now a 6BR

    Both are great shooters.

    My appraisal would be, at the right auction with the right people, conservatively (antiques road show speak) it would bring $475.00 - $570.00 with no deduction for the receiver sight cut out. That was a common modification back in the day. I still have the Lyman "peep" sight that my dad used on the 721.

    Just my "biased" opinion.:)