Varying VariXlll's

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May 3, 2001
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Varying VariXlll\'s

I recently talked with a friend who works with dozens of Leupold scopes, both 1 inch and 30mm and he told me that he has found some interesting facts:
1. there can be differences in the actual range of movement (elevation and/or windage) from scope to scope within the same model (I assumed that they would all be very close to the same numbers)
2. he actually checks movement with a colimnator as some dials move and "click" but there is no reticle movement near the outer limits of the ability of the mechanism
3. at or near the outer limits of the mechanism there may be an inter-relationship between "up-down" and "left-right" - in other words clicking up might also move the poi left or right.
4. if you are not getting the correction that you dial (sometimes you might put on a minute of elevation, nothing happens until after the first shot), he suggests going one or two clicks past the required amount and returning to it eg. if you need one inch go six clicks, then back two clicks.

He has a huge knowledge base with Leupolds, says the same is true with several other makes of scopes that he deals with.

This is not to say that Leupolds are not great instruments, just thought you guys might have some comments or experience with the above.
Re: Varying VariXlll\'s


I have heard of similar lessons when running near the max elevation or windage on the scopes.

I attribute it to the "tube withing a tube" problem. If the windage is not exactly center and the scope is adjusted to it's max elevation the inner "tube" will make contact with the outer "tube", this wedges the inner "tube" to the side (windage)rather than causing elevation as I understand it.
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