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Loking to put a new scope on my new 22-250 for varmit hunting. I have never hunted the little critters so I'm confused on a power range for the scope. One of the new VX-III is probably gonna be the choice. Looking to spend 5-600 on this as well. 300 yards or better shots as well

Thanks in advance.

...VX-III is the correct choice... you can't go wrong, just take your time and shop around for the best price and service... I use the 8.5-25x50; 6.5-20x40; also another 6.5-20x40 with the new varmint hunter reticle... and a few other Leupolds as well... while some may seek "good, cheap" scopes, the worst mistake you can make is to spend "too little"... jmho....
I have a Nikon on my 300 now 3.5 -10 I like it but am looking for more range for the 22-250

Then go with a Nikon Monarch 6.5-20x44 with a Target Dot reticle. Excellent scope! It also comes with a sunshade.
Hmmm, looks like I might have a winner. NEver used the target dot reticle...Good for Varmits??

I've been using a IOR 4.5-14 on mine, shooting out to 650 yds. I'm going to go to a 6-20 or 24 for those longer ranges. If I was using the rifle for predators instead of PD's, or for shorter range shooting, say out to 500 max, I would stay with the 4.5-14. I am an IOR fan, but I did opt for a Zeiss 4.5-14 on my new .243 walking varminter.

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How bout a 4-12x40mm Nikon Monarch for $325.00 at the Optic Zone?? Save a few bucks and buy some good rings.
That would be a very nice setup, plus you get a AO for good, solid parallax adjustment.

A lot of good options out there in or under your price range..sakofan..
IOR is a great choice too.

Lablover, I think the lower powers are a better choice because of the mirage factor.
It's kind of a Catch 22. Too little power, you can't see the varmint. (I assume you mean small animals like PD or chucks??), then you go with a high power scope, (over 20x), and mirage seems to be a problem in most scopes.

My rule is, the least amount of power to see the intended game clearly...sakofan..

If you are going to shoot small varmints, the target dot is great. It is basically a fine crosshair with a small dot in the middle. Something to look into and consider.
...overall, the (Leupold) 6.5-20 or 8.5-25 is the upper limit of usable magnification in bright sunlight... the fine-crosshair can disappear in bright sunlight, but the target dot is ideal for live varminting... also the fine duplex is good or you might want to try the new "varmint reticle"... ain't it wonderful to have all these options!
...forgot to add... I find in the field, that around 12-15 power magnification seems to be the "comfort zone" regarding all the compromises of mirage, field of view etc... thanks again
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