Varmint Hunter's 1000yd Club

Discussion in 'Long Range Hunting & Shooting' started by Guest, Sep 22, 2003.

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    Varmint Hunter\'s 1000yd Club

    My pic from last year's PD hunt wih Ric finally showed up in this issue of VHM..Now that its there, I guess I better get busy looking for that 1500yd shot....
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    Re: Varmint Hunter\'s 1000yd Club

    congrads on the shot. what caliber, distance area bullet load? got some details? also what page are you on?
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    Sep 23, 2003
    Re: Varmint Hunter\'s 1000yd Club

    Chris where did you get a 1000 yard PD at in memphis? or did I miss something? My name is dan O'Neal in case you recognize the name. I am from bartlett but haven't lived there in 5 years now. I just got out of the army after 15 years and settled in Lubbock. We got prairie dogs running out our ears here and my son and I practice on them every weekend. He got one this weekend at 600 yards on the first shot with my sniper m-14. Not bad for a ten year old Huh? I got 2 at 400, 2 at 600 and 1 at 820 with no misses. We got lucky this weekend and didn't have the typical 40-60 mph wind. It stayed around 10 mph and the pdogs were rreally out and moving. I got a satellite photo of the spot we are gonna hunt on the lease next weekend and it looks like an easy 1000-1500 yard shot across it. Wish us luck. I don't know if the m14 is up to more than 1000 but it never hurts to try. My 168 barnes load only travels 2600 fps at 75 feet so it may be quite a stretch.
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    Re: Varmint Hunter\'s 1000yd Club

    The PD was shot in Wyoming near Cody. I used a M721 Remington with a Shehane Tracker Stock, 28" Pac-Nor Barrel, KDF brake, and Jewell Trigger. It was chambered in 6.5-284 with a .290" nk. Nightforce 12-42x56 with NF rings and bases.

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