Vanguard Series 2

In a nutshell, the RC model is a "regular" Vanguard that has been certified (test shot) to shoot under 1 MOA, then placed in a Bell & Carlson stock. In the box are the target as well as a letter signed by Ed Weatherby. It's a moderately expensive upgrade ($320) compared to a regular Vanguard S2 when you consider that a B&C stock is about $225 street price. I see the RC is $842 through Bud's.

If you're looking for a "tactical" rifle I'd look at this Vanguard:
Vanguard® Series 2 Varmint Special |

It comes in .308 for about $610 and has a #3 contour barrel vs the #2 on the regular Range Certified model. As an upgrade the RC Varmint special is available for about $100 more than the "regular" range certified model at approximately $945.

Good luck with your decision!
I was aware about whats so special about RC version. Im wondering how this performs for real world accuracy and the only reason i wanted the RC was for that extra two inches on the barrel since 308 win needs all the extra umph ot can get
The RC doesn't specifically have any longer barrel than a non-RC Vanguard. The #2 barreled version is 24 inches, the #3 barreled varmint version is 22 inches. Exact same action, trigger and barrel placed in a different stock.

I'd buy the "regular" one and go from there since the new S2 stock is much better than the original synthetic stock, but that's me. I have a couple of Series 1 Vanguards I placed in used B&C stocks I purchased to make my own version of the "RC" (or Sub-MOA as it used to be called) and they're exceptional shooters.
Obviously just because it says RC doesnt mean that the barrel is 24 inches. The model that im talking about in this thread has a 24 inch barrel. That extra length does wonders for drop at long range.
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