Vancouver Island Black Bear

Congratulations, sir!
People comment a LOT of times that it's the "hard hunts" at which one suffers that are remembered most.......
I BET YOU that this one will be a "forever memory" for you!
Thanks for posting/sharing.
Went out Monday for first light, glassed a small clear-cut for a bit and then drove down the road a ways and got out to walk a road on the edge of a big clear cut. About 3/4 of the way up the clear-cut I had stopped to do a good once over with my binos when I heard a huff behind me. I looked up to the treeline and instantly spotted this guy, 60 yards sitting on top of a rock bluff, staring right at me.
I put glass on him and watched for a moment, he didn't seem too nervous about my presence, maybe until I decided I was gonna take the shot.
First shot of 130gr TTSX from my Tikka 270 put him down, when he got back up and started for the trees I hit him again, where he went out of sight. A log hanging over the cliff rattled around for a few seconds, then stopped.
First shot through front shoulder, out last rib, second, double lung.
A 16ft cliff and an easy drag got him to the road, and after all was said and done, pictures taken, it took me 20 minutes to awkwardly get him on a big rock so I could roll him in the back of my truck, only for him to go between the tailgait and the rock, back onto the ground. Of course being ****ed right off got him back on that rock in 2 minutes though 😂.
15 hour day, from leaving the house to go hunt to getting home from wrapping the bone-in-roasts and grinding-the-rest, and still a few hours of making the ground into sausage. Sometimes it does not surprise me why people don't hunt, but I wouldn't have it any other way!
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Very nice. Congrats. I have always wanted to hunt Vancouver Island for one of those big fellas.