Utah Pronghorn Buck

I finally drew Oregon, and Utah antelope. Should have been my year, but drawing the tag was the last good thing to happen. Truck started acting up immediately. One thing after another from then on. Ended up renting a truck then my partner, and I both got sick. Saw one really nice Oregon Buck, but was too old, fat, slow, and sick to close the deal. Me not the Buck LOL! My partner had an Oregon tag as well. We came home after 3 sort of hunting days. Ate 3 antelope tags total.

I said all that to say congratulations! I really appreciated your story.
What an awesome story, thanks for sharing, i to love hunting antelope, wide open space and I've yet been hunting those spaces where the wind wasn't playing havak with shot placement, a great challenge, thanks again
Do you mind sharing a bit of info on your 6gt load and what the bullet looks like after going through the animal?
If you'd like to know more about my GT, I wrote up a little bit more about it here. The 100-grain Cayuga solid was loaded over RL-16 and about 50 thou off the lands. I love these solids, they don't seem to care about seating depth. I'm working on getting something put together with bullet pics.