UTAH: Anyone's card getting hit yet?

I live in Utah and this year, I have not drawn anything. I applied for buck deer (Panguitch), bull elk (Panguitch), and bison (Henry Mountains). I am hoping to draw a antlerless tag. I just finished my third year of dedicated hunter last year.
Got the “Unsuccessful” email this week. Applied for a LE NR muzzy elk tag with more points than it took to draw last year. The dreaded point creep must have struck!
West Desert Snake Valley.

Some years only 1 NR, not sure this year.

I've hunted the Nevada side is mostly my reasoning. Some insight into "lay of the land".

All I'm able to do is Antelope any more, and absent friends that would be out as well.
That is some desolate and isolated and country. In other words - spectacular. I've driven that country extensively, only not within the past 10 years.

With the abundant snowfall and wet spring, there will be lots of nutrients for antelope to put on some impressive horns.

Congratulations, and good luck!