UTAH: Anyone's card getting hit yet?

I finally score a Desert Bighorn tag after applying for 22 years. It is in the incredible Henry Mountains. I am stoked!

It has re-ignited my quest to lose weight and regain my strength and stamina. Gotta get in "sheep shape".
Congratulations! I wish I’d started with desert sheep points due to what I know now about the RM population in the state but oh well. That’s going to be a really great hunt, I’m happy for you. Get walkin man!
I really can't complain about the wait for quality hunts. I drew an early season Elk tag for San Juan a decade ago. It was an epic hunt. Saw a ton of 340 class bulls that would have been a trophy on most public lands. Finally got a whopper - the bull in my avatar. Scored 378.
220424 Elk at Scheels.jpg

15 years ago I drew the Sportsman tag for Bison. Another adventure! Shot a 12 year old bull.
220110 bison.jpg
I drew limited elk in Monroe. I believe I got the only non-res tag. I had 6 points so don’t hate me…
I love looking at the low points successes. Honestly. I love hearing about it. Every year when I look at the results to decide where to apply I get distracted by the one or two residents who drew OIAL sheep tags with like one point. Almost never nonres though, congrats!
Where is your antelope tag?
Good lord, that’s a lot of points. What unit?
West Desert Snake Valley.

Some years only 1 NR, not sure this year.

I've hunted the Nevada side is mostly my reasoning. Some insight into "lay of the land".

All I'm able to do is Antelope any more, and absent friends that would be out as well.
My buddy just asked me if I'd drawn and I checked my account in a panic to make sure there's enough for the sheep tag I'm sure to draw this year. With 3 points. Optimism is key, someone gets one with less than 4 every year.

I forgot how early the draw has happened the last couple years. He doesn't hunt anymore, he didn't hear about the withdrawals or anything, he was just curious. Now I am too. Good luck everybody.
BTW, in case you're tempted to repeat rumors (Utah's finest product), I'm not interested in hearing people say that we shouldn't hunt this year because of the bad winter.
Present system really doesn't allow you to pick your years. Go when you can, while you can.