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    Mar 30, 2008
    Well I have for sale an awesome scope.

    It is pretty much brand new. Got it last month. Mounted it up on a rifle. Sighted it in, and thats it. Crystal clear and ready to be mounted up! Excellent as new shape. I am going to send it to USO for a clean bill of health check up and they will return it to you. They said 2-3 days for the check up.

    Not only will you get a screamin deal on a fantastic scope, but I waited 29 weeks for this!!! No wait for you!!

    The scope was cerakoted by USO and it turned out great!! You will get everything the scope came with. Box, wrenches, Erek knob cap and adjustment zero stop cap. Lens covers, both front and rear, and it will also come with a set of 34mm Seekins rings!!

    Model: SN-3 T PAL----- $2800
    Power: 5-25
    Objective: 58mm T PAL
    Objective cover: USO Flip open-----$15
    ARD: 2 inch sunshade with 58MM ARD-----$85
    Tube: 34mm
    Color: Cerakote OD Green----- $250
    Eyepiece: Low profile-rapid Focus
    Eyepiece cover: USO flip open-----$15
    Reticle: Premier Reticle Gen 2 XR-----$106
    Illumination: Push Button 13 position Blue-----$195
    Elevation knob: Erek 1/10Mil 110 Click----- $175
    Windage Knob: US#3 1/10 Mil with Windage Stop-----$175
    Rings-Seekins 34mm rings.-----$130

    Total price on this scope was $3946 plus $20 shipping.

    I will price this scope for a quick sell, and at a screamin deal of $3100 shipped with the rings. Will also do partial trades on scopes with less power. Something for my 308 shooting in the 3-500 yards range.

    Paypal plus 4% or paypal payment owed or USPS money orders or cash

    Thanks for looking and have a blessed day.