Using 3 scope rings - advice needed

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    Nov 3, 2011
    I recently had a tube slip in a Larue mount that was torqued to spec. It left some marks on the tube and I did not want to apply any more torque to the cap screws for fear of damaging the tube further. So the Larue went back for a ring change and in the mean while the scope went into a set of Seekins that worked great before the scope gave up the ghost and was sent back. I bought another Nightforce NSX for the rig while I wait for the other to get back. I have two sets of NF medium ultra light rings and was thinking this time around I'll go two up front and one in the back. For those of you that have run a setup like this, is there anything I need to be aware of or special steps I need to take mounting it up?
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    May 22, 2011
    I've seen scopes slip in tactical rings. Some hard anodize coatings can be slippery. If the rings are properly aligned the ring marks on the scope tube are usually not deep. If your scope has gouges, the rings are not aligned. Either the rings are poorly made, or the base is bent. You should make sure the base is straight before installing a new scope.

    If you go with three rings, make darn sure they are aligned properly (all coaxial). If the base is not straight, or the rings are not machined well, three rings can but excessive stress on the scope tube. I don't think three rings are necessary.

    I developed RingTrue tape in part to prevent scopes from slipping on magnum rifles. For example, I'm using it with a Bushnell HDMR scope in two Seekins rings on a 50 BMG rifle. I shoot some heavy rounds on that rifle. No slipping or ring marks with the ring screws tightened to 25 in lbs.™-tape-razor-blades-p-24944.html