Uselton Warrior lite in 7.82 Warbird

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    Jun 30, 2007
    Alright fellas, I'm a very busy individual. I've always wanted a custom built large magnum rifle. Everytime I start to build one I get side tracked. My point is I need to go with somebody who has a complete package. I want either a warbird or a .300 rum. I know that the rum is cheaper when it comes to ammo. I also don't have the time to reload so I buy rounds as custom as I can get and am good with it.

    Anyway...I've read some on useltons warrior mountain lite in 7.82warbird. It seems to be right up my a turn key product.

    I also know that this uselton guy isn't the most pleasant person to deal with. But does anyone have any experience with this rifle. It seems to be a good product, and His gun shop in tn seems friendly. Just trying to get some insight.

    For 3699.00 it better be a fairly good preformer. Ive read good stuff about it but it seems to have very little press. I pan on putting a Swar, Schimdt & Bender, or a meopta on it as well. So I'm going to drop some coin on it.......just preforming my due dillagence upfront as much as possible....thanks in advance.
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    Oct 5, 2008
    John Lazzeroni is a new forum member in about the last 4 months so hopefully he’ll chime in on your posting. I own 2 Warbirds and another Lazzeroni short magnum chambering. One Warbird is a 12 twist and the other is a 14 twist both with 27” Lilja barrels. I did not buy either rifle from Lazzeroni primarily because, back when I starting buying them, all John was offering was a really heavy rifle. He has since begun offering lighter rifles but I have no experience with these—I just know they exist. My rifles were both built by Mark Bansner. My 12 twist Warbird wears a Swarovski ProHunter 4x16x50 and my 14 twist Warbird wears a Schmidt 4x16x50 with Mildot reticle.

    I have helped one additional Warbird owner and clocked his shots who had, I think, a Savage of some kind chambered rifle with a 26” barrel that John sold for the economy oriented hunter for a while.

    My father has been shooting my 12 twist Warbird with John’s factory loaded 150 grain Barnes TSX bullets very successfully at about 3750 FPS. Everything he has killed has been inside 400 yards. He loves the rifle and believes strongly in it and kills everything so I haven’t tinkered with it.

    I primarily shoot the 14 twist Warbird with either 130 grain Barnes TTSX or 200 grain Nosler Partitions. I get an honest 4000 FPS with the 130s and my partitions shoot real well at 3300 FPS. I did buy a box of 180 grain Partitions from John years ago and they clocked over 3500 FPS in both rifles. I can easily shoot tighter groups with my handloads vs. John’s factory loads without doing anything more than loading them more uniformly in seating depth and powder charges. John though, can make them go faster. (John: when you read this…your handloads should shoot tighter groups IMO). I think, not certain though, most companies like Superior, etc. will handload for the Wardbird if you are not satisfied with John’s factory loads. RCBS made my dies.

    Since changing over to another brass maker, the Bell brass issues have been fixed at least 5 years ago.

    I see on his website John is even willing to sell loaded 190 grain Berger VLDs for 12 twist rifles, must be going soft in his old age... The 12 twist rifle would be my choice shooting 150 grain and heavier bullets. FYI, the 210 grain Berger VLDs call for an 11 twist minimum.

    The Warbird velocities are real and what can I tell you that has not been written about concerning what a 180 grain penetration bullet does to game with a starting velocity of 3500 FPS? Or a 150 grain Barnes TSX at 3750 FPS? Or a 200 grain Partition at 3300 FPS? Be careful of your bullet selection with these velocities; use tough penetration bullets only to get started. If you want to slow them down and shoot more delicate expansion bullets, then why not shoot a 300 Winchester Magnum or similar caliber?

    Yes the ammo is expensive, but consider Weatherby charges $154/box of 20 for their 30-378 stock factory loads with premium bullets and the Warbird launched bullets are usually always a little faster. The super customized 30-378s some of John’s Arizona buddies shoot, like the Outdoorsman version, will clock the same as a Warbird.

    Sighting in 2” high at 100 yards usually puts you dead on at about 325 yards and no hold adjustment is required until 350 yards. I built mine for Canadian whitetail hunting during the rut where time is a luxury I do not usually have, I always know with my range finder where 350 yards is and make a mental note. Both these rifles have served me well…

    The only negative for all this performance is I need a muzzle brake to shoot them well so I must always be aware of hearing protection in the field. The 150 grain load with a brake is reasonable in recoil.

    I have no knowledge of this TN gun shop

  3. Burrdock

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    Jun 30, 2007

    Thank you for your very in-depth knowledge on this caliber.....very useful info here
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    Nov 26, 2011

    Pretty hard for me to add much to what JPH has written here about the Lazzeroni 7.82 (.308) Warbird caliber ,,,,

    ,,other than it really is the world’s fastest commercially produced/loaded 30 caliber hunting cartridge, and I believe one of the best overall designs ever ,,,,,

    beltless, 30 degree sharp shoulder, excellent factory throat/chamber dimensions ,,,,,, keeping the OAL at 3.650" or less, with bullet ogive to barrel land distances at minimum ,,,, for proper feeding/function in the Lazzeroni 3-round staggered magazine box ,,,,

    I designed the Lazzeroni Warbird/Titan cartridges in 1995 specifically to meet or exceed the performance of the 30/378--338/378 Wby Magnums, but without the belt ,,,,, AND all the recoil associated with the big Wby's ,,,,

    just ask anyone who hunts with one,,,, when you hit ANYTHING in the chest cavity with the mighty bird, they seldom take more than a step or two ,,,,

    someone nicknamed the Warbird the Lazzeroni MSM (((Meat Seeking Missile)) LOL ,,,

    Mr Uselton does a fine job with his Warbird light rifle and I highly recommend it ,,,, ESPECIALLY in that price range ,,,

    I also do a decent job putting together the new Lazzeroni model 2012s and you can view the BRAND NEW models that I just now got up on the Lazzeroni rifles page at ,,,,,

    I will be updating the webpage ballistics chart later this week, showing trajectories to 1,000 yards on some of the loads ,,,,

    Just let me know anyway that I can help with your decision ,,,,
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    Feb 3, 2011
    Since you mentioned the .300 Rum... .

    Great caliber, easy to find high quality ammo for at a reasonable price and capable of killing anything in N. America with one well placed shot out to 1,000yds, and anything other than the toughest game out to 1,2000 or further.

    There's a hell of a nice one listed on the LRH Classifieds right now.

    Remington Guarantees .5 MOA accuracy with this model as well.

    A great entry level Custom LRH rig at a reasonable price.