usable bolt action for 30 bellm?


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Dec 8, 2009
what all bolt actions can be used to build a pistol. i would guess it would need to be designated as a pistol action. i want another 30 bellm but i want it in a bolt gun this time.
You could probably use a savage pretty easily, you can change boltheads in 5 min... you can get undesignated precision target action's pretty easily too!
as soon as i get rid of my f class savage i might go that direction. i had no clue that xp100's were bringing upwards of 1k. this would be my action of choice. In illinois we are limited on bottle neck cases. 30caliber or bigger, 1.4" or shorter case and it has to be a factory loaded cartrige. this leaves us with the 300 wisper and the 30 bellm. you can reload but you have to be able to buy it new also. when remington came out with the 30cal for the ar 15 platform i was excited but the case is .125 too long.
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