SOLD/EXPIRED US Optics SN-9 10-42x with 80mm objective


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Dec 29, 2006
Yup, the real deal for extreme long range.

Here is the detail from USO:

• Base price $3900
• ERGO - Standard Option
• 80mm - ERGO Upgrade - 800.00
• U.S. #2 - Standard Option
• U.S. #2 - Standard Option
• 30mm - Standard Option
• Matte Black Type III Hard Anodizing - Standard Option
• Euro MOA Scale - 86.00
• Lo Profile Housing - Standard Option
• Extended Eye Relief - 250.00
$5036 *

And the options list:

• Base price $3900.00
• As configured $0.0
• Objective Cover: Screw-on Objective Cover - 25.00
• Eyepiece Cover: Butler Creek Flipup Eyepiece Cover - 15.00
• Sunshade: 80mm Ergo 4" Sunshade - 90.00, 80mm Cone Diffuser - 50.00
• Honeycomb: Polarizer/ARD - 40.00
• Knob Dust Cover: US#1 Cover - 10.00, US#2 Cover - 10.00
$240 *

This scope was serviced at USO by Arnold this year and shot very little after that. I had the reticle replaced with a Euro.

The scope is in excellent shape, it is NOT perfect but you'd have to be looking to find the nicks and scrapes mnostly from the gun safe.

It took about six months to get the reticle changed, I'd hate to think how long ordering one would take, so here it is:

Retail is $5276 including options.

The first offer at or above $4500 gets it shipped pending deposited funds. I'm not interested in trades.



Would there be fewer words if I dropped the price to $4100???

This is a good opportunity.

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These are really exceptional scopes and the epitome of ELR optics boasting 240 MOA of adjustment. You have to see one in person to fully appreciate it and since these aren't made anymore only adds to it's appeal.

Like other have said I wish I had the funds for this to sit atop a 408 CheyTac or 416 Barrett and 3000 yards to shoot them on. Not for anything practical but just because you can.

OP, great job with the pics but can you post some of the reticle through the scope at different magnifications since this is a FFP scope.