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    I sponsor one of these guys (Kyle Leibertrau) by building his rifles. I received an email today and thought it might interest some here.

    It's for a good cause.

    I'm just a messenger so be sure to read it completely as I have NOTHING to do with it.

    Young Eagles

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    The 2011 Young Eagles Rifle Team is depending on YOU!!

    In October of 2011, the Under 25 Team is going to Brisbane, Australia for the World Long Range Championships in the hopes of bringing home the Gold! To aid in getting us there, Berger Bullets has generously offered their support through committing the sales of 100,000 bullets to go to the Young Eagles. And we need to sell as many as possible to fund our team. So before you reach for the catalog, place an order for these superb bullets from a Young Eagle, and help us get to Australia and win the World Championships!!
    • Bullet Specs: 30 caliber, 155.5 grain, Berger Fullbore Match

    • Price: $195.00 per 500 bullets (minimum order)

    • Shipping: 100 bullets per box, free shipping to the U.S.

    • Payment: A tax deductible check written to Palma Promotions. Another great reason to help us: you get a tax break - Yes!

    • Contacts: Andy Doney, Team Captain: [email protected]
    or Vikki Gaddie, Team Vice Captain: [email protected]