URSA NorCal Recap for June 2018

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Aug 11, 2009
17 Jun 2018 - Recap of the URSA NorCal Jun ‘18 event (by RD, Lynn Dragoman, and Facilitator)

We had some good shooting today and some struggling. At 2054 yards Scott S got his first hits shooting with us, five over the course of the event. Josh D had his adjustable scope mount freeze up on him making him do some hillside repairs. Amy M, shooting her new MPA 338 Lapua, became our first female shooter to score well enough at 2054 (4 in 10), to move on to 2586 yards (but did not actually do so because of having to leave early, Father’s Day obligations). Previously she had been the first female shooter to score a hit at 2054. Ken E was shooting his new Billy Goat Machine/BGM chambered 50 DTC Eastes barrel and scored two achievement targets, hitting 5 out of 10 twice at 2054 yards. While scoring well enough to move on to 2586, Ken also had to leave early, again Father’s Day obligations. [Build info below.] Yours truly ran the match and didn't shoot which was probably a good idea the way everyone was thumping the gong.

White Mamba was shooting well enough to move on to 2586 yards in both matches. Focus, shooting his 375 SnipeTac did likewise. White Mamba and Focus each shot 26 shots (during two 3-shot practice sessions and the two 2586 record rounds) trying to hit the gong but never connected, so twice we went to sudden death to settle those matches. Focus took home both wins at 2586 yards with one hit each, leaving White Mamba Runner-Up, twice. Fleshing out Focus’ build, he was using a Stiller TAC408 action, 34”, 1:8 twist Bartlein barrel, XLR Evolution chassis, Nightforce Beast scope, Spuhr 40 MOA rings/base, and Cutting Edge 400 gr Lazers.

Ken E, today’s achievement target scorer, was shooting a Billy Goat Machine/BGM-built rifle with McMillan TAC-50 action, 35” Lilja barrel, McMillan 50 LBR stock, Nightforce NXS 12-42x56 scope, and shooter-designed-and-built 60 MOA base. He was shooting 762 gr Cutting Edge MTAC bullets.

Stats updated but no pics.

We will now take off for the archery and general deer seasons and resume our NorCal matches in October. Those interested in shooting the “Summer” events will have to shoot URSA SoCal – assuming we find a new Match Director and a gear transporter/storage/maintenance person…or I decide to make that seriously ugly drive down to cover.

URSA SoCal was dark this month for the noted reason, looking for new volunteer staffing. Anyone interested in considering accepting responsibility for either or both of these uncompensated, volunteer positions is asked to contact Facilitator at [email protected] Thanks.


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