URSA NorCal and SoCal Recaps for Feb 2018

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    18 Feb 2018 - Recap of the NorCal Feb ‘18 event (by SW RD, Lynn Dragoman and Facilitator); recap of the SoCal Feb ’18 event (by Lisa Chan, SoCal Scribe, and Facilitator)

    NorCal – no match, “snowed out.” No rain for three weeks but plenty of snow today. I got to fire 3 shots at 2054 yards and got one hit. Our newest shooter, Gavin, tried out my Billy Goat Machine .338 Lapua Ackley Improved and got a hit with his first ever try at 2054 yards. Congrats Gavin!!! We tried getting a hit for new shooter Sean but the scope was either wet or you couldn't see the target due to the snow.

    We stayed about 4.5 hours hoping to get in at least one match but with the cold weather and the snow it just couldn't get done. Josh was on his smart phone and predicted snow at 10:00 AM and it started snowing exactly at 10:00 AM, so Josh is now our official weather predictor.

    SoCal – no match. It wasn't the greatest day for shooting in the desert but a fun time was still had by all. There were 10 shooters and, in all, 19 hits for the day, engaging at 2080 yards. The wind was nonexistent to start and increased rapidly to 17 mph when we ended the day. We had two new shooters this month. One had several shots within a few inches of the target while shimming his scope with a penny and lobbing the bullet to make up for the additional 50 MOA that was needed! Scott was the only one to qualify for the record round with 3 hits, so, with no competition, the “event” ended.

    From Facilitator - as a note of (false) hope for folks that were wondering what is possible, Lisa brought out her Savage Model 12 in....223 Remington...and, on her 23rd (twenty-third) shot, got a hit (this was after the “event”, all of her practice and qualification-attempt shots, plus 3 after the event ended, were taken with the .223). NO, that is NOT a recommendation/suggestion to start a “pee-wee-caliber conspiracy” as the chances of succeeding in competition with such cartridges is VERY low. And, in any case, the purpose of URSA is to repeatedly connect at further and further distances, not lob rounds and be amused. Hard nose, out.